• Trevor had the good fortune of applying for a TypeWell transcriber position seven years ago. It was love at first type. 

  • ​Since 2007 Trevor has transcribed dozens of classes, from Floral Design to Culinary to Calculus, for dozens of motivated and impressive students.

  • He has worked with multiple universities, colleges, and high schools, both in-class and remotely.​

  • Trevor is a Nevada-licensed attorney, a Latin America enthusiast, and a bicycle addict.

Equal Access Services provides speech-to-text services for people with disabilities: Typewell "meaning-for-meaning" transcription, RealTime "word-for-word" transcription, and notetaking services. We work over an internet connection, connecting a qualified transcriber to our client’s wireless devices, to provide the client full access to the environment with minimal intrusion into their life. Clients use services in college and school classrooms, public meetings, church events, and at a number of other events where sound is part of the overall experience of the moment. We strive to make sure our clients have access to those experiences, so that they may better participate in the events around them.

Remote transcription allows a client to connect with his or her transcriber from anywhere they can access the Internet. Equal Access employees work with clients, and the institutions they are servicing, to make sure that the transcriber can best access the audio information to provide the best transcript. Dave, Trevor, and the qualified service providers on our staff are dedicated to providing the best product to our clients, and working as seamlessly as possible with the institutions that use our services. Thank you, and please feel free to contact us for further information.

Trevor Hartzell
Founder - CEO
  • ​Dave has a strong background in computer science stemming from his education at Cal Poly. In 2011, he started working to provide real-time captioning with a variety of local and national institutions.

  • Born and raised in the strawberry capital of the world, Oxnard, California, Dave loves the beach, hiking, camping, cooking, travel, and has a penchant for technology. ​

  • Dave provides the technical support and setup instructions for the clients of Equal Access Services, and assists in getting clients connected to start receiving the services they require. 

Dave Wollenhaup
Founder - CEO - Technical Support

Our Team

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